Faiveley TransportFaiveley Transport is an international manufacturer and supplier of equipment for the rail industry since 1919. The company has operations in more than 24 countries. The Czech Republic has a total of 3 branches. Our company cooperates with a branch in Blovice, which engaged in the production and development of electric traction equipment for locomotives, trams, trolley buses and metro.

Motor JikovThe Society of Motor JIKOV Engineering Inc. is one of four daughters, who belongs to the group MOTOR JIKOV Group as its main production program is focused on the production of diesel garden equipment, manufacture of components for trucks, material handling equipment and supplies, etc.


Eaton Electrical Ltd., a manufacturer of equipment for domestic and industrial wiring devices for power distribution and power supply. This company is one of our main partners.

Rohde & SchwarzThe company ROHDE & SCHWARZ Events About, Ltd. is a worldwide concern, Rohde & Schwarz, which is a multinational private companies operating in the areas of electronic test and measurement equipment, information technology and radio communications. Our company provides the company ROHDE & SCHWARZ Events About, sro assembly of coaxial cables – crimping and soldering, coil winding and winding transformers.


JIHOSTROJ Company operates in the industrial market since 1919 and is a major manufacturer of aircraft, automobiles, agricultural machinery and other mobile equipment. Our company cooperates with JIHOSTROJ especially in surface treatment.

John GuestCompany John Guest has a long tradition in the production of plastic pipes and fittings for various industrial applications in sanitary and heating systems.


NAVELCompany NAVEL, spol. s r.o. supports our company in the supply of quality instruments, tools and gauges to ensure our production. Company Navel, spol. s ro has high quality equipment that is capable of producing, sharpening and restoration tools.

ZambelliThe company Zambelli – Engineering, spol. s r.o. was based in Czech Krumlov in 1991. The main products of the factory are stoves and fireplace inserts, components for caravans, parts of furniture, etc.

snop-cz-asThe main activity of the French company s.n.o.p. sheaf is pressing and welding of steel parts for the automotive industry. Our company works closely with the plant in the sand, which provide mainly for the production of metal stamping dies and production.