Metal grinding

Grinding is one of the methods of machining planar or shaped surfaces. We use planar, shaped, and centreless grinding in production.

Surface grinding

At CENTES we have many years’ experience with all types of grinding. Grinding is just one of the services that you can request from us. We use it mainly for precise grinding of surfaces and profile planar surfaces as well as complex shapes in piece and series production.


We machine both soft and hard materials from steel, cast iron, tool steel, hardened materials, and hard chrome deposits by surface grinding. This would not be possible without quality machines. We use the BPH 20NAi and BPH 320A horizontal surface grinders for surface grinding.

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We will arrange surface grinding for you

Surface grinding is used for grinding surfaces and profile planar surfaces in piece and series production.

As standard, we provide grinding for components from:

  • Al alloys and non-ferrous metals
  • steel
  • cast iron
  • tool steel
  • hardened materials

Circular grinding

Of course, we also offer circular grinding. Circular grinding or shape grinding is suitable for precise machining of external and internal cylindrical, conical, or shaped surfaces. Thanks to this grinding method, we can easily produce pins, shafts, cones, hubs, stamps, circular blades, engine reborings and other rotating parts. We carry out shape grinding on a BU16 circular grinder. To ensure that every component is machined to the highest possible quality, we check it several times during grinding.

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Ask us about circular grinding

Thanks to circular grinding, we machine precise external and internal cylindrical, conical, as well as shaped surfaces.

We will provide you with quality grinding for:

  • pins
  • shafts
  • cones
  • stamps
  • circular blades, etc.

Centreless grinding

We also deal with through feed and recess centreless grinding. Centreless grinding is mainly used for grinding rotating surfaces of workpieces, such as the inner and outer rings on rolling bearings. 

We use a grinder for centreless grinding… The main advantage of this grinding method is that there is no need to clamp the machined component. Centreless grinding is also extremely precise.

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We do high-quality centreless grinding

We also carefully choose the used abrasive, which we buy only from verified suppliers. We regularly provide centreless grinding for major engineering companies from around the world.

We are happy to grind the following for you:

  • inner rings for rolling bearings
  • outer rings for rolling bearings
  • other cylindrical or rotating surfaces

Why choose us?

We are a Czech family company

We have had a tradition since 1991

We focus on small and medium series production

Quality guaranteed thanks to ISO 9001:2008 certification

Financial stability thanks to TOP rating

We can supply a comprehensive subcontract

We work with the sophisticated KARAT system

We provide national and international transport

Our services

Technical preparation of production

Technical preparation of production (TPP) means detailed technological procedures and activities preceding the production of the ordered component.

Metal cutting

Cutting means machining of a metal workpiece using a machine tool. Metal chips are formed during cutting.

Chipless technologies

Chipless machining methods do not use material removal by mechanical work. Unlike cutting, they produce virtually no chips.


Painting is the final stage of metal surface treatment. In our modern paint shop, we provide powder and wet coating on delivered components.

Electrical equipment production and assembly

We do not focus exclusively on metalworking. We also offer these services for our customers so that they have no need to go elsewhere in terms of electrical equipment production and assembly.

Cutting tools and assembly jigs production

We can produce special cutting tools for sheet metal processing on hydraulic or manual presses. All we need is drawings.