CNC metal machining

CNC machining is one of the most modern and high-quality metalworking methods. Metal machining using quality CNC machines is fast and perfectly accurate.

CNC turning

CNC turning means machining internal or external rotating surfaces using a single-edged turning blade. The main movement into the cut is performed by the workpiece and the tool makes the secondary movement. CNC turning is efficient and accurate. We only use high-quality machines to produce all our tools, therefore always achieving 100% results.

We use Leadwell T6 for CNC turning up to a 51 mm diameter from bars and flange turning up to a 210 mm diameter. Mori Seiki SL-154 MC is used for turning up to a 45 mm diameter from bars and for flange turning up to a 200 mm diameter. We purchased a powerful YCM GT 250B CNC lathe in February 2016.

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We offer high quality CNC turning

We deal with CNC turning today and every day. We strive for the highest quality of production, so we use the best machines for turning.

We have, for example, CNC lathes:

  • Mori Seiki SL-154 MC
  • Leadwell T6
  • and i YCM GT250B

CNC drilling

Of course, we also offer CNC drilling. The machine tool rotates and moves to the workpiece during CNC drilling. If we clamp the drill to a machine headstock, we can also drill on a lathe. This metal machining method using modern CNC tools is also accurate and, more importantly, it is fast.

We use only top machines for drilling to make sure that you are satisfied with the delivered components. We perform high-quality CNC drilling quickly. Perhaps that is why our services are popular with large engineering companies focusing on the automotive and aerospace industries.

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Ask us about CNC drilling

Modern CNC machines are equipped with functions that increase work productivity significantly, and this is appreciated with regard to both medium and small series production. In addition, they are perfectly accurate.

We use the machines mentioned below for CNC drilling:

  • MCV 750A
  • Pinnacle PK-VMC 1160
  • Toyoda AQ 1050

CNC milling

We will also arrange CNC milling for you. The main advantage of CNC milling is its speed and high accuracy. The cut is such a high-quality that it needs no further processing. We cannot be without modern CNC machines in CNC milling. We mill in three axes on MCV 750A and Pinnacle PK-VMC 1160.

We also purchased a Toyoda AQ 1050 CNC milling machine in January 2016. In order not to have to deal with unnecessary complaints, the technical preparation of production (TPP) must not be underestimated. We implement it here in an innovative CAD/CAM system and IS KARAT.

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We provide high-quality CNC milling

We have been specialising in CNC metal machining since 1991. Thanks to CNC milling, we make both smaller series and custom-made prototypes.

We mill on the following quality machines:

  • MCV 750A
  • Pinnacle PK-VMC 1160
  • Toyoda AQ 1050

Why choose us?

We are a Czech family company

We have had a tradition since 1991

We focus on small and medium series production

Quality guaranteed thanks to ISO 9001:2008 certification

Financial stability thanks to TOP rating

We can supply a comprehensive subcontract

We work with the sophisticated KARAT system

We provide national and international transport

Our services

Technical preparation of production

Technical preparation of production (TPP) means detailed technological procedures and activities preceding the production of the ordered component.

Metal cutting

Cutting means machining of a metal workpiece using a machine tool. Metal chips are formed during cutting.

Chipless technologies

Chipless machining methods do not use material removal by mechanical work. Unlike cutting, they produce virtually no chips.


Painting is the final stage of metal surface treatment. In our modern paint shop, we provide powder and wet coating on delivered components.

Electrical equipment production and assembly

We do not focus exclusively on metalworking. We also offer these services for our customers so that they have no need to go elsewhere in terms of electrical equipment production and assembly.

Cutting tools and assembly jigs production

We can produce special cutting tools for sheet metal processing on hydraulic or manual presses. All we need is drawings.