Electrical equipment production and assembly

We do not focus exclusively on metalworking. We also offer these services for our customers so that they have no need to go elsewhere in terms of electrical equipment production and assembly.


Brazing means joining metals using solder with a melting point above 450 °C. Unlike soldering, where a natural gas flame and air are sufficient, brazing uses hot oxygen-acetylene or oxygen-hydrogen flame.

We can braze almost all metals except zinc alloys, for which soldering is suitable. Connecting different types of metals is not a problem thanks to brazing and the use of brazing solders based on copper, silver, nickel, lead, and precious metals. We achieve the best results by vacuum brazing.

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We will also deal with soldering of your components

Soldering is joining metals with another metal – solder – with a lower melting point than the joined metals. The solder has a temperature below 450 °C, it is used for joining soft and hard galvanised steels and tinned steel sheets, aluminium,

copper alloys, etc.

We mainly use it for soldering contacts, joints, and cables.

It is mainly used for soldering:

  • contacts
  • joints
  • and cables


Crimping means the joining a connector and an electrical conductor or a high-frequency coaxial cable for signal transmission by crimping. Crimping is suitable for a variety of diameters and creates high-quality, safe, and durable joints.

We use various forms for crimping – e.g., hexagonal, square, round, trapezoidal, W-shaped, or double W-shaped, etc. Crimping is also sometimes called cold melting. At CENTES we usually crimp various types of cables, such as flat, coaxial, flexi.

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We can also handle wire crimping

It would be difficult managing without crimped connections for the current automotive and electrical engineering industries. Need help with crimping?

We are happy to arrange:

  • crimping electrical wires
  • crimping high frequency coaxial cables

Toroidal transformer production

Toroidal (wound) transformers are transformers that have a toroidal core. Compared to conventional transformers with EI and M type cores, they have minimal energy losses, higher efficiency, and longer service life. Therefore, they are often used to produce halogen and LED bulbs.

We at CENTES usually provide the production of toroidal transformers for outputs from 30 W to 1200 W. The maximum width of the toroid is 38 mm. We also offer toroids wound from sheet metal strips. If you provide us with full documentation, we will also produce atypical toroidal transformers for you exactly according to your requirements.


We will produce toroidal transformers for you

Toroidal transformers are extremely popular now.

We produce toroidal transformers for:


Winding coils and transformers

As part of electrical equipment production and assembly, we also deal with winding coils and transformers. We use a high-quality high-speed winder for linear winding coils and transformers. We usually wind coils with a 0.2 mm to 2.5 mm wire diameter.

Most transformer coils that we produce go to the supplier of electronic testing and measuring instruments, information technology and radio communications, ROHDE & SCHWARZ závod Vimperk, s.r.o. If you provide us with project documentation, we will be happy to help you wind your coils.

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We carry out winding coils and transformers

Are you looking for a company that will not only quickly and efficiently wind transformer coils, but will also provide comprehensive services in the field of electrical installations?

Contact us!

Coaxial cable assembly

Coaxial cables have one cylindrical outer conductor and one wire or tubular inner conductor. The outer and inner conductors are separated by a non-conductive layer called a dielectric. Coaxial cables can range in diameter from a few millimetres to several tens of centimetres.

Our company provides assembly of coaxial cables for power supplies of transmitting or receiving antennas, leads for television antennas, television distribution, cable television and telephony. We usually assemble coaxial cables for computer networks.


We will take care of coaxial cable assembly

Are you looking for a coaxial cable assembly?

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We are a Czech family company

We have had a tradition since 1991

We focus on small and medium series production

Quality guaranteed thanks to ISO 9001:2008 certification

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We can supply a comprehensive subcontract

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Our services

Technical preparation of production

Technical preparation of production (TPP) means detailed technological procedures and activities preceding the production of the ordered component.

Metal cutting

Cutting means machining of a metal workpiece using a machine tool. Metal chips are formed during cutting.

Chipless technologies

Chipless machining methods do not use material removal by mechanical work. Unlike cutting, they produce virtually no chips.


Painting is the final stage of metal surface treatment. In our modern paint shop, we provide powder and wet coating on delivered components.

Electrical equipment production and assembly

We do not focus exclusively on metalworking. We also offer these services for our customers so that they have no need to go elsewhere in terms of electrical equipment production and assembly.

Cutting tools and assembly jigs production

We can produce special cutting tools for sheet metal processing on hydraulic or manual presses. All we need is drawings.