Metal bending

Thanks to our top equipment, we can bend various sheet metal components with high-quality. We perform bending on a modern hydraulic press at CENTES. Sheet metal bending

Metal bending

Sheet metal bending is demanded by more and more companies, not exclusively from the Czech Republic, but also companies throughout Europe. We use the top CNC AMADA HFE 100-3 press brake with a pressing force of 1000 kN (100 t) and a working speed of 10 mm/s, equipped with a quick-change tool system with the AMADA control system. Are you looking to bend sheet metal? We are happy to bend parts up to a length of 3000 mm according to drawings.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and the skilful hands of our colleagues, we are not afraid to bend any demanding components. We can also cut holes in them if necessary. Thanks to previous orders, we know how to process materials such as high-strength Strenx® (Weldox®) sheet metal and abrasion-resistant Hardox® or Dillidur® sheet metal. In cooperation with our partners, we also provide quality surface finish of bent profiles (galvanic zinc-coating, silver plating, etc.).

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We also bend complex pieces

Sheet metal bending is an important production process. If you provide us with project documentation, we have no problem bending any demanding piece.

We will arrange sheet metal bending for you:

  • from steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals,
  • of rectangular, square, and circular cross-section
  • with a thickness of up to 20mm and a length of up to 3000mm

Why choose us?

We are a Czech family company

We have had a tradition since 1991

We focus on small and medium series production

Quality guaranteed thanks to ISO 9001:2008 certification

Financial stability thanks to TOP rating

We can supply a comprehensive subcontract

We work with the sophisticated KARAT system

We provide national and international transport

Our services

Technical preparation of production

Technical preparation of production (TPP) means detailed technological procedures and activities preceding the production of the ordered component.

Metal cutting

Cutting means machining of a metal workpiece using a machine tool. Metal chips are formed during cutting.

Chipless technologies

Chipless machining methods do not use material removal by mechanical work. Unlike cutting, they produce virtually no chips.


Painting is the final stage of metal surface treatment. In our modern paint shop, we provide powder and wet coating on delivered components.

Electrical equipment production and assembly

We do not focus exclusively on metalworking. We also offer these services for our customers so that they have no need to go elsewhere in terms of electrical equipment production and assembly.

Cutting tools and assembly jigs production

We can produce special cutting tools for sheet metal processing on hydraulic or manual presses. All we need is drawings.