For our company it is very important to the satisfaction of our customers and consumers. Our focus is therefore on ensuring the quality of the entire production process. We provide quality input requirements (raw materials, purchased materials, etc.) from our many suppliers. This material is prepared by qualified professionals who have years of experience in their field. At the output of the process, our products are controlled by conventional devices, but also high-quality 3D measuring device. The entire production process is controlled by ISO 9001:2015.


Currently we are preparing for the introduction of environmental management system (EMS) according to ISO 14001.

Gel nails first appeared in the U.S. in the early 1980s, Nail art
but were met with limited success. At the time, Nail salon
the manufacturers of gel lights and the gel itself had not joined forces, summer gel nails
not yet recognizing the need to precisely match the intensity of the light to the photoinitiators in the gel.gel nail polish for sale
Nail techs and clients soon found out that ­using the wrong light or applying too much gel caused a burning sensation on the client’s fingertips.summer gel nails
Additionally, education on gel application was limited, leaving nail techs in the dark about the product, and home-use ­systems were introduced around the same time, damaging the reputation of salon-use systems by ­association.Nail care